Language Visualization Technique


Plant a mental picture in the prospect’s brain.

Excellent sales can use one or more of the human senses to skillfully draw a series of verbal images in the prospect’s mind. If these verbal images are clear enough to move the prospect, they can greatly increase the chance of starting the engine in the customer’s brain. It will make the prospect take action to buy.

The language visualization technique reveals to you an amazing “visualization” and “imaging” technique that has an ancient history and works wonders.

“If you can actually see it, then you can get it.”

“If you can actually see it, then you can communicate with it through the written word.”

Whether you’re leading as a leader, pursuing your significant other, or educating your children, visualization techniques can make all the difference with magic.

Let me give you an example.

A friend in North Carolina specializes in selling travel programs and travels around the schools presenting his travel program. He tells all the company’s offers from the beginning to the end, but the kids don’t respond at all.

In a phone call with me, I told him to try using language visualization techniques to portray his travel plans.

The next day he started portraying to these kids a tour in a tourist area. He described how the bus would take everyone to the fun area, how the food at the hostel was delicious, how fun the games at the beach were, etc. He gave the kids a sense of what the bus ride would be like. He let the children feel the fun of taking the bus for a ride …… the deliciousness of the food …… the coolness of the sea breeze …… the saltiness of the sea… …

He told me later on the phone that: before I could finish the whole thing, I had already noticed that the kids’ eyes were shining – their hearts had already started to travel. I’ve never seen such an overwhelming response – in two days, I had 40 bookings – an unprecedented record!

That’s where the verbal images come in.

You can apply it to your sales, too. Your conversations, your copy, and your descriptions can make a visual appearance in front of your customers so that they can feel the experience in a realistic way.

This is a powerful tool to influence, persuade, hypnotize, to make your communication with your prospect, your partner, and your children more effective.



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