The two-step cash-in technique that has been hidden for 90 years


The first ” advertising book ” in history: ” Safe Advertising “.

What is an advertising book?

An ” advertising book” is essentially a book that serves as an advertisement

Currently, advertising magazines and ” advertising books ” and other forms are the most cutting-edge methods used in direct mail. Claude Hopkins, on the other hand, was already using this method in the 1920s!

What’s more, an advertising book is also an advanced sales tool. Because advertising books are sold in a subtle and discreet way. The first advertising book, “Safe Advertising,” covers all the effective techniques on how to make you profit from advertising

The advertising book succeeds in this task because it introduces how to create effective advertising campaigns by sharing effective tips to make a good profit.

What’s even more impressive is that …… Hopkin’s approach to distributing this book is the very powerful “two-step” promotion method!

He uses the “two-step” promotion method to attract the desired prospective customers. He placed full-page infomercials in newspapers based on specific groups. At the end of the ad, it says that the book is available for free!

The gift itself was unique. Because it is a “hidden” free book. The prospects have to read the whole ad first in order to receive the book

This way, the customers he follows up with are of high quality. This is a very clever strategy!

To receive the free book, the prospects needed to tear up a coupon, fill in their contact information, and mail it out. (At the time, phone applications were not yet commonplace.) Then, the book was only mailed out for free

If you think about it, you’ll see that the whole campaign was a work of genius. It would be exciting to see someone launch a similar two-step campaign today

Even so, I’ve found that very few people have ever followed up with a client with a “advertising book”. It’s amazing that Hopkins was doing this 100 years ago!

He was clearly ahead of his time, and beyond our imagination!

This campaign (and the other publicity he invented for Loyd & Thomas’ clients) made Loyd & Thomas’s business ……

2 billion in annual gross sales in the early 1920s! Lord and Thomas became the largest advertising agency of its time

Now you understand why Claude Hopkins didn’t mention his “two-step” approach to publicity in his other two books. He even kept the whole idea of an “advertising book” a secret!

These may be advanced strategies that Raskell and others did not want to be made public. It was these business secrets that gave Lord and Thomas an absolute advantage at the time



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