Locking the customer’s brain


How to make customers only choose to deal with you?

Planting an idea in the customer’s mind, setting a criteria.

A criteria for measurement, a criteria for purchase, a criteria for consensus, etc.

you have locked the customer’s brain.

When the customer is not buying, they are thinking of you, and when they are buying, they are nominating you.

Kenrico Cleveland is a jack-of-all-trades, a secret weapon in the training community in the United States for 22 years. He has given persuasion coaching to more than 100,000 people on how to win the customer’s trust at the first meeting and how to eliminate the objection before the customer has a chance to raise it. He is a pro at this and has wowed countless salespeople!

Kenrico’s sales reports indicate that the companies he coached achieved a 407% increase in sales and a 352% increase in revenue.

The most powerful technique Kenrico uses in sales is to draw out the other person’s criteria, which is the key button to impress them.

As soon as you give a prospect a criteria, you’re brainwashing him, and he’ll eventually come back and choose to close with you!

Once you set a criteria into the customer’s mind, so that customers feel that if they do not buy with you, it is their own head filled with water. To this extent, customers will only choose to deal with you, will never choose to deal with other businesses!

Potential customers need to be guided, and can be guided.

In sales communication, advertorial, e-books, we can implant the selection criteria in this way.

Tell the target customer that the best choice for something, should have a certain characteristic. These characteristics are in fact the advantages of our products or services, or even exclusive.

This is the way to implant the selection criteria to the target group.

People are easily influenced by preconceptions.

Who can influence the selection criteria of potential customers, who will dominate the thinking of potential customers.

All marketing must be in the customer’s brain, the customer’s brain is the main battlefield. All sales are a change in thinking patterns. No matter where the customer is, he makes decisions in the brain. So we have to think about how to sell a thinking pattern, how to plant an idea into the minds of others.

Plant the idea, you will have influenced the person’s mind. This way you lock in the customer, he will self-complete the sale and nominate to buy from you.



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