The Never-Disclosed Insider (Electronic Version): The Thinking Code That Will Make You an Insider Fast.


How the formula for creating hundreds of millions of dollars a year is calculated?

How to make customers see, hear and feel the value of your products?

How to make the customer who does not buy your product see his loss?

Why are you not making money despite the perfect product, technology, and sales?

How to make you pay half of the time and effort but can get twice the original revenue?

Why do you always ignore the obvious core secrets?

Why do some businesses seem to be doing a loss-making business but make several times more money than others?

A way for you to run any business that will no longer be a lack of customers?

A model that allows you to quickly cut into the market of any product

Only work 6 hours a day to make $15,000 a month, but more than twice as much as peers working 15 hours a day?

The core secret that he never advertised, but the customers are full?

How do turn the hooligans who collect protection money into salesmen to bring rolling profits to the company?

What is the core secret of a salesman who always stays in a five-star hotel but makes more than other frugal salesmen?

What is the business that is more profitable than a loan shark?

Misunderstood free-thinking, the root cause of countless people being poor for life?

2 newcomers, one’s annual income is $30,000, the other’s $150,000, the difference is only one thing.

Why do you say that those who receive gifts are working for the gift-giving?

1/10 buy a Mercedes after reading this e-book.

It is the same as sending you a Mercedes-Benz with this e-book!


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