Magic of Words – Hook Writing


Have you witnessed the great killing power of words of many marketing masters? Although they may use different forms of writing,

But all use the same trick…

What is this trick …?

It’s a hook…!

!!! ………

Yes… It’s a hook…

If you know the formula… You can easily perform many moves from this one…

What I want to tell you is that I have found the formula…for each of the above sentences… and they are all designed to follow this formula…

If you feel emotionally triggered by reading this series, it’s because of the hooks used here to influence you ……

In fact, everyone knows that it is important to arouse the curiosity of others, and everyone tries to make it happen when making a sales pitch, but 90% of the time, they can’t.

In fact, when I read what the marketing experts were writing about this type of hook phrase, I already saw through its structure. Although they can write a variety of sentences that make you mouth-watering, in fact, are the same.

I studied a number of marketing masters for ten years and finally realized a system to create super hooking sentences ……

I have only one core and three ways in this system! Right! As long as you are willing to target their own products with this one core and three ways, you can also immediately create at least 20 amazing attractive sentences in five minutes!

I am late into online digital marketing. A few years ago, a friend told me that digital marketing is not for my age, he said the old dog can not learn new tricks, I scoffed at this statement. At that time, I always thought in my heart: “I have been in business for more than 20 years, what I have not experienced? I’m sure I can do well in digital marketing

Because I have always held that “the essence of the network and the physical business is the same, as long as you master it”

As a result, everything went wrong for me in the network. Every day working hard like a dog, but no expected return. I seemed to have learned a lot of network skills, but in the end, I got nothing.

Although I have not earned money online, I still have not given up. Later, by chance, I found a book.

It was this book that changed the pattern of my life. Since reading this book, I began to understand that it is so simple to make money online! Over the past few years, my life has really changed drastically.

Recently, I realized that I had become the kind of person I used to envy; living a life of freedom and discretion!

The mobile Internet has made people’s lives more “fragmented” and their attention more fragmented.

You get information in the intervals of life, glance at the TV while eating, reading Facebook posts on the bus. It is so easy to reach unlimited information that you have developed a bad habit: if an article is more than 600 words, or a document is more than 20 pages, you don’t have the patience to finish it.

So you have to learn to make the best of a user experience in just 3 minutes of fragmented time. Whoever takes up the user’s fragmented time is more likely to be successful.

Sometimes a few words are enough for a truly effective advertorial, no need to be long-winded.

The technique of hook writing will work wonders:

– from “I want to give you” to “you want me to give you”

– let the customer contact you initiatively

– increase your followers and fans dramatically

– writing killing copies any time

– just 1 question mark to attract the accurate traffic constantly



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