Reframing Technique


Bring you a new world!

Why do most of the children of farmers choose to work in agriculture? Why do most of the children of officials go into government? Why are most of the children of businessmen so adept at calculating? Because they all live within a framework! The only way to get rid of the framework is to break through it!

All restrictions come from the confinement of thinking, all changes come from the transformation of thinking, all miracles come from the upgrading of thinking!

Why hasn’t your life changed much over the years?

Why are the problems of the past still haunting you?

Why is your career still wandering in the same place for many years?

Why have you been working very hard but can’t surpass your competitors?

Because you are still working and living the way you used to think! What you walk in is your world, what you think about is your universe, what you experience is your life!

To change, you have to reframe your thinking!

The principle of reframing the concept: it is because there is an attraction in this world, but also a repulsive force, these two forces are offset by each other. For example, the surface consciousness believes, but the subconscious does not believe, which forms a contradiction, a meaningless internal conflict.

It’s like putting one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake, only internal consumption in place. Even if you take all kinds of motivational courses and read motivational books, in the end, it’s still useless if your subconscious mind doesn’t receive everything you say.

By reframing, it is a kind of conversation to others and within yourself, communication to the subconscious mind so that you really believe, so that a belief is formed.

Just like in the movie “Inception”, a thought or idea is planted deep in the subconscious mind, slowly forming a belief in yourself, which is a way to reduce repulsion and increase attraction.

The Reframing Technique is a secret weapon to influence, penetrate, and change, both for others and for yourself.



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