About Us

Solver Chris is a grass-root with no name. I have spent 5years to build a business model with tracked record in digital marketing in China with only one person and one social media account. Would like to share the experience in the world!

Our Mission

WPG provides the top-level mindsets to help common people to make money online with one social media one person. So far, WPG has provided more than ten top mindsets that have never been disclosed on the market, which are only available to many marketing masters and money makers in various fields, as well as more than ten powerful practical techniques to make money online!

WPG Sales Model

WPG has a very complete and systematic sales model, which is very powerful and reproducible to be directly applied to other projects with minor changes and optimizations!

Become WPG Partner

WPG not only provides top-notch information, but also teaches you how to make your social media a permanent asset and a profitable micro-company. If you become a WPG partner, you will be provided with high-value and high-profit projects, as well as practical exercises on various mindsets and techniques, and you will be taught the planning layout behind the practical projects, as well as the mindset, process, steps, methods, copywriting templates, relevant words and every other detail involved!