5-Belief Implantation – Self-Hypnosis and Brainwashing

This concept is amazing, if you are now very dissatisfied with your life as it is, it is not all your fault. For example, the indoctrination of some negative beliefs from parents to their children has a great impact on everyone, but there is no need to complain because of this, because everyone’s parents are not specifically studied and trained in the parenting profession. The role of parents is really crucial and plays a vital role in the initial initiation of a person’s life.

No need to complain, basically everyone has had negative belief input from their parents since childhood, and although your parents love you, the negative indoctrination given to you was unconscious, so the skills you learn from now on to reframe your role will have an immeasurable impact on you.

After you enter society, if you are still dissatisfied with the current state of your life, this result is caused by you, is planned and implemented by you. Although you have good intentions, have your own goals, but you are very tired, very confused, as if the goal is always out of reach, you know why?

Because you are in internal consumption, you are a foot on the gas, a foot on the brake, this is a kind of self-sabotage, it is you who is unconsciously interfering with yourself, sabotaging yourself, refusing to succeed, refusing what you really want.

If our brain is a super computer, your mind is a set of software programs, if we can upgrade the software to convert the program, we can immediately transform, convert our thoughts, emotions, subconscious, behavior. It used to take years, a year, or at least six months to build up beliefs, but with the self-questioning implantation technique, it often takes only a few minutes.

The most amazing secret between people is not their brains, not their minds, not their intelligence, the only difference is the way they ask themselves questions.

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There is an answer to any question, and the brain will respond, even if it is self-questioning.

Because it is the nature of the brain to think and work in this way:

Every day from the moment you open your eyes, the inner monologue, the self-negotiation, there is no day that we are not happy with, from the moment you open your eyes in the morning: what time is it? Shall I get up now? What should I wear today? What to eat for breakfast? What should I do if I’m still a bit short of yesterday’s task?

Don’t underestimate the power of self-questioning. Your present achievements are determined by the questions you ask yourself.

Self-questioning can influence your conscious and subconscious mind

For example, you ask yourself: How can I multiply my income in the next month?

You figure out, write out a dozen, two dozen answers, maybe more than that. The magic of this self-inquiry is that the very process of asking yourself the question brings your attention to it, and you have to think about it, and the question goes beyond whether or not you want to double your income in the next month. The brain already thinks that this decision has been made, and it becomes how can you double your income in the next month?

Double your income next month (statement), how to do it (question)?

As long as I …… will achieve this goal.

We all fail to realize that the questions we often ask ourselves are actually creating what we call our lives.

Think carefully about these questions, have you ever asked yourself?

Why am I so stupid?

Why am I so selfish?

Why am I so unhappy?

Why am I always unlucky?

Why am I always inferior to others?

When you think about and answer these questions, you can always find answers that will prove that your questions, those feelings are really there.

You start to feel a little silly, why? Because you once asked, why am I so stupid?

You’ll feel like you never get lucky, why? Because you once asked, why am I always unlucky?

You will find that everyone else is making a better life than you, why? Because you once asked, why am I always inferior to others?

You will feel very unhappy, why? Because you once asked, why am I so unhappy?

You ask and you will find evidence and reasons, you will create feelings, you will let the facts happen, they are really happening, this is the secret of your current life situation, because it is created by your questions, your brain has no other choice, as long as you ask yourself questions or ask others questions, whether you or others answer or not, but your brain will think about this question, right?

Instead, try asking yourself the following questions.

Why am I so smart?

Why have I become so attractive?

Why am I so successful in enterpreneur?

Why am I so confident?

Why am I healthy?

Why am I happy?

Why am I energetic?

Why do I feel so much better?

You will feel smart, why, because you once asked, why am I so smart?

You will start to feel better, why? Because you once asked, Why do I feel so much better?

You will feel a sense of confidence and why? Because you once asked, Why am I so confident?

That’s the power of asking yourself the question. If you do that with other people:

Why are you so stupid? His brain will think about this question anyway, and over time will surely find evidence of his own stupidity, and will really think he is stupid.

When you ask someone else: Why are you so wimpy? You will really find him more and more wimpy because you once asked, why are you so wimpy.

We were asked this when we were in childhood by our closest parents, and even though they loved us, the way they asked the question fixed our beliefs in a way that we couldn’t even correct when we grew up with great effort, so don’t let this be repeated in our next generation.

Here’s a way to change your thoughts by making sentences. This simple method, by creating multiple possible endings after a certain incomplete sentence, can help you influence your subconscious mind to create insight into your life that can lead to meaningful transformation. Being able to enjoy the present moment, appreciate what’s in front of you, and discover the beauty of what you have.

When you wake up in the morning, say thank you, because ……

When you look in the mirror, say thank you because ……

When you read the newspaper, say thank you because ……

When you eat, say thank you because ……

When you go to bed at night, say thank you because ……

The problem is not whether you are smart or lucky, but that you always replay, replay some bad things from the past, and ask some bad questions over and over again. These questions are a kind of belief implantation, and eventually form the result you are now, all due to your own creation. The very beginning is the question you ask yourself subconsciously.

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