6-Interaction Technique

What I understand the Internet thinking is three words: interaction, fellowship, deal.

Make love requires foreplay, deal requires prelude, no prelude to deal is difficult as going to the sky!

The prelude is interaction, interaction makes fellowship, and fellowship makes a deal.

No matter where you are doing business in the world, relationship and fellowship are the first iron law of business men, whether for online digital marketing or offline physical business.

The deal is a process from the beginning of strangers, to slowly know and understand, to trust, and finally become your customers.

Fellowship is a synonym for “trust”. Today’s customers often have too many choices, without fellowship, it becomes very difficult to close a deal.

Where does fellowship come from? From interaction. How to interact with your fans? Follow the following steps.

First, the interaction between you and the customer is first sent by your initiative, what is the essence of this action? Proactive contribution of value to give the gift to the customer.

(For example, I give you the gift of backward thinking techniques to achieve your goals, break-down techniques, idea planting techniques, writing material collection techniques, hypnotic translation writing techniques, belief implantation techniques, etc., so that you can be more efficient and effective. Some of the gifts you can’t see or find elsewhere are offered exclusively)

Second, your interaction with the customer, after the end of the stage of behavior, what kind of mentality should you expect the customer will have? What kind of actions and behaviors will be taken?

( After I sent the gift of interaction, now many of my Facebook friends have purchased eye masks, feedback with me that feel great!)

Third, after the customer has responded to your “call”, you need to have a way to let the customer know that you received his response, and can make the customer continue to expect your next action.

Fourth, by providing value, to convince customers that you are reliable. To interact upgront is to remove customers’ doubts and help them realize your professionalism, your integrity in doing business .

(For example, you may have known these tools and techniques before I gave them to you, but did not take full advantage of these good things that already exist. Besides these you already know, I will also tell you some other techniques that you did not know, directly targeting the customer’s brain and subconscious, such as “hook writing techniques””reframing techniques””Social media slow marketing techniques””SMS direct marketing techniques” and so on allows you to take your marketing and performance to a new level)

Fifth, in the process of interaction, can you make the target customer realize that you are the only (or at least the best) choice for him? The interaction must also be designed so that the customer is truly aware that if he is very slow to respond, the flight is about to take off and he is going to miss it. Your interactions must make the customer truly realize that he will profit handsomely by engaging with you on an ongoing basis and that choosing you as a seller is a very good deal.

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The most important thing about interaction is to choose your own position. There are actually only two options, of which you can only choose one.

One is to stand directly on your own position.

The second is to follow the customer’s vision and thinking to design.

If it is hard for you on your marketing career, then you must be in the first position, which is a major dead end of marketing. Want to have fellowship, you must design the interaction from the second position.

People always care about himself, and it is very difficult to change human nature. Some people often do this testing: one idea is to come up randomly on their own, one is to come up following customers’ needs, and invariably find that each time satisfying customers is effective, and that kind of conjecture from their own point of view is rarely responded to …… This is the difference between the first position and the second position.

The real meaning of interaction is completed by the two actions of “call” and “response”. There is a call before a response, as a seller you must take the initiative to call, and to be simple and fast.

If you learn a full set of five techniques of subliminal programming, every time you interact with customers, no matter whether they have not been in contact with you for a long time or not very active will be activated instantly and buy from you like crazy, and they will be grateful to you after they buy. Subliminal programming techniques are so powerful as long as you follow these five techniques plus the Social Media Slow Marketing Technique, that you will be able to achieve magical results and see your customers sending you money one after another.

The Internet is a ATM, and if anyone has the password, they can open the box and withdraw money from it.

Social Media Slow Marketing Technique” is the password to open the ATM, and it is the core button to link the three networks of relationship, human network and Internet.

If you master the concept and technology of “Social Media Slow Marketing Technique” on the first day you use Facebook and other social medias, you will take a lot less detours.

If you are already an online veteran, learning the concept and technology of Social Media Slow Marketing Technique will overturn your past thinking.

Even if you don’t understand “Social Media Slow Marketing Technique” today, you will have to go back and understand it in a year or two, sooner or later you will have to figure it out.

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