4-Idea Planting Technique

What is disclosed to you today is a secret weapon that politicians, doctors, lawyers, police officers, journalists, detectives, online entrepreneurs and direct sales team leaders have mastered.

With the progress of human social civilization and the emergence of various intelligent tools, people can do more and more things without thinking.They are becoming more and more mechanized.And the consistency tendency of our subconscious mind is simply a gold mine. The tool to develop this goldmine is the subconscious coding program.

Marketing professionals who understand this program are adept at targeting the subconscious desires and expectations of their customers, controlling our minds, our wallets, and our loyalty with a strength that will surpass any previous force.

The subconscious coding process consists of the following five techniques.

  1. Idea Planting: The Art of Asking Questions – Be in Control Always
  2. Locking the brain: the technique of setting up criteria so that the customer is designated to buy from you
  3. Re-framing: the technique of reframing – the darkness of the will and the light of day
  4. Mental picture: language visualization technique – the image printed in the customer’s mind
  5. Emotional response: storytelling technique – let the customer replay in the brain automatically

Today share the first technique:

Idea planting: the art of asking questions -be in control always!

The technique of asking is divided into questioning, rhetorical questioning and self-interrogation.

Selling is about planting an idea in the mind of the customer and making him/her feel the need for it.

By asking questions to make the customer think and takeaction, transplant your ideas into the customer’s mind and let the customer convince himself.

Take a look at some of the masters in our lives who are good at asking questions:

Doctors: asking open-ended questions to conduct a consultation.

Policemen: designing interrogation questions based on the results

Journalists: ask open-ended questions for interviews

Detectives: ask leading questions to uncover clues.

Lawyers: ask closed questions to lead you to a dead end.

Then look at what things in life interest us? Why?

Movies make us wonder what will happen next?

Detective novels make us wonder who did it?

Sports competitions pose the question: Who will win?

Your article poses the question: What skills am I still missing?

Just as a detective novel leaves you with clues, when you feel close to the answer, curiosity will drive you to the end.

The most fascinating and powerful of all sentence patterns is the question.

Questions have a magical power to shape, guide, persuade, hypnotize, brainwash, hook, influence, suggest.The question is where the power lies and the other person has no choice but to answer or provoke thinking.

When you ask a person a question, the person has no choice.

He has to answer the question anyway, even if the answer is incoherent, or not to answer you, but inwardly will still answer.

This is similar to when we open a file on the computer, double-click is a question. When we ask a reader a question, we know there will be an answer. If we open the wrong file at the beginning, it is the same as raising a question that is difficult for the other party to answer, and the answer that is given to us is not the one we need.

The answer should be the one that is easiest to find, the one that meets our needs.

Scientists say that we remember everything we experience, and that the problem does not arise in memory but in recall. Understanding this means that when we want others to remember what we want to say or what we want to convey, we must use subconscious coding programs to ask questions in the right order and in a way that makes it easy for them to recall, recollect, answer and memorize.

This fact certainly motivates us to think carefully about the questions and the order we ask! Taking a holistic view, forming the questions into a pattern of positive answers, and designing simple questions in the right order so that they can be answered easily step by step, so that they can be effectively recalled and remembered.

If we implant the information in the other person’s consciousness through statements and organized, sequential questions, then we can know what the answer will probably be when we ask the question again about this information.In fact, we can almost predict the answer we want.

Senior leaders in direct sales and top entrepreneurs have three secret weapons that are not well known: the idea planting technique, the reframing technique, and the language visualization technique. The questioning technique is the most common one they use in the classroom and in private communication, because the questions are designed and organized in advance, and you will be guided by the predetermined answers.

If someone asks a question that can only be answered after a series of events have occurred, then you can be absolutely sure that in his consciousness, those events have indeed already occurred.

For example.

Before you start writing that report, let’s have dinner, how about that?

Your question will activate the information in their mind that has already been previously implanted by you intentionally.

The simplest use of the subconscious coding process: Questions are better than statements.

First format: statement + question.

Begin by sending a message, then ask a question, and by the time the question is answered, the message has been accepted.

Most politicians seem to be adept at this technique, putting statements in the form of questions before answering them, so that they appear to have answered the question.

Example 1: It is said that the training on “Locking the Brain, Setting the Criteria” and “Language Visualization Techniques” tripled the sales department’s performance in only three months, (statement) Do you think we advertise this enough? (Question)

The statement itself is not in doubt when the question is answered, but, importantly, it is not about whether the answer to the question is yes or no; once the question is answered, the message is in place and accepted before the audience realizes it.

Example 2, understanding these “Emotional Response – Storytelling Techniques” you should have mastered this technique, (statement), so can you use it in your work or in your writing? (Question)

I’m sure you’ve already mastered the Technique of Hooked on Copywriting (statement), and a little bit of brainstorming could make your copywriting a lot better, couldn’t it? (Question)

Second format: statement + benefit + question.

Example 1, we need to have the sales department learn the five techniques of the Subconscious Coding Program (statement), which will improve the overall sales performance (benefit), how much money do you think that will save us? (Question)

Example 2, the yard needs to be cleaned up (statement), once it’s cleaned up you can make the barbecue of your choice there (benefit), who would you invite over for a barbecue? (Question)

This format can also be used to compliment others without showing any signs of embarrassment, so that the other person will gladly accept your compliment technique.

Example 1, this dress is so cool on you, you can wear it out in the limelight, tell me where did you buy it?

Example 2, Great bronze tan, you look so fit, did you go on vacation?

Example 3, great job Bill, it increases both our profits and your chances of promotion, tell me how long did it take you to complete?

The third format rhetorical question master control: rhetorical questions + if + questions, to avoid the “yes” passive to answer the other party’s questions.

Example 1: You are asked: Does the subconscious coding process work for the insurance company sales business?

You ask rhetorically: Do you want it to apply to the insurance company’s sales business?

The other party answers: Yes

You then ask: If it works for insurance sales, would you try it?

Example 2.

You ask: What can I do to get a raise of $10,000 this year?

The boss answers: this way …… and that way ……

You ask again: If I can do this …… and if I can do that ……, you can give me a raise of $10,000 this year?

The boss answered: Yes

You should have answered “yes”, but you can make the other party answer “yes” by asking a question, and give the question back to the other party with a leading question of if, which is suitable for any situation where someone asks you.

Example 3.

The child asks: Can I have some candy?

You ask back: Do you want to eat candy?

The child replies: Yeah.

You then ask: If you wash the dishes so you can eat the candy, do you wash the dishes?

The basic fact of persuasion is that people will usually accept their own conclusions and opinions that they have reached through thought, rather than the opinions you have instilled.

The whole trick to persuasion is to help someone form their own idea, which, of course, is actually your idea, and you have to get them to say it, actually own it, and ultimately act on it.

Some words or phrases are so powerful when asking questions that they are easily agreed upon by others. You can practice them as you play games until they become your natural response, and the sentences and words will become your old friends and become your own skills. The prerequisite is that you must practice and experience it for yourself.

What is experience? For example, skating swimming, driving a car, riding a bicycle, these are all parts of the game that you must experience yourself. If you watch someone skating, drawing, or swimming, can you learn? It is not possible.

Have you noticed a problem, we learned a lot, but remember very little, there are too many theoretical things. After you enter society, how much can you remember the mathematical formulas and theorems of secondary school? The longer you go on the more you will forget, but the skill you have experienced is something you will never forget for the rest of your life, because it is something you get from your experience in practice.

The first technique of subconscious coding procedure shared with you today is the technique of asking questions, which seems to be very simple, but is so powerful that people who know how to use it are confident and comfortable in the workplace and in the mall.

Believe it or not, look carefully around you, or you watch the movie, television, those who are superiors and masters, are people who master the questioning technique.

In terms of my surroundings, in recent years, I have been in contact with the high level of direct sales leaders, they all have one thing in common, they speak very kindly. They are good at using questions, good at communication and brainwashing.After a few minutes of communication, you will be unconsciously completely in accordance with his thinking. In addition, their speech possses a very strong sense of picture, making people feel a sense of immersion.

They are always in control, and the rules are set by the person asking questions. You can only follow in someone else’s framework if you don’t understand this technique.

This technology is worth $5,000, if you are enterpreneur or a direct sales person, it is more valuable, as someone once rewarded for this technology by paying $50 to $500. Now you do not have to pay to learn this technology, although you did not pay, but also owes me $500, owed first. haha.

Please read more and experience the hidden power in this technique, which once comprehended by you, will give you an incredible boost in influence!

There are another two sessions that I have not told you: questioning and self-questioning, questioning is detailed in the “Suspense Technique”, the other that is self-questioning, the power of which is even more incredible. Your current achievements and the status quo are controlled by self-questioning. The most amazing secret of the difference between different people is not the brain, not thinking, not intelligence, the only difference is self-questioning.  Tomorrow I will tell you the secret of it.

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