7-Success of Challenge

Today is the day to reveal whether you have succeeded in the seven-day challenge.

You can ask yourself, did you really follow the rules to complete the challenge?

A second follow-up survey conducted in the United States in 1960, 14 years after the Candy experiment, showed that

Those children who ended up with two pieces of Candy had annual earnings as adults that were several times, more than a dozen times, higher than those who were eager to eat only one piece of Candy as adults.

And here’s another indisputable fact.

Those who succeed in the challenge comprehend and learn a dozen times more or more in those seven days than those who are greedy for more and faster.

How can you tell?

How much did you learn in seven days? How much do you use? How much do you do? How much did you achieve?

To put it most simply, if you use the techniques you learned in seven days anywhere in your website, your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram,Telegram, blogs, email, etc., the results will appear.

Today’s seventh gift has a lot to do with the challenge to win!

What are some of the benefits you can get with the World President Group(WPG) membership.

*Language Visualization Technique worth $199
*Locking the Customer’s Brain worth $199
*Magic of Words–Hook Writing worth $199
*Reframing Technique worth $199
*The Two-step Cash-in Technique worth $199
The following WPG exclusive courses:

Week 1: Social Media Direct Mail Marketing

Monday: Build your Social Media Account into a money-making company

Tuesday: The left are king, filtering seed users with the law of funnels

Wednesday: Social Media Direct Mail Marketing: the latest hidden money-making model

Thursday: Process demystification: Only seven days to get orders from strangers

Friday: Backward and conversion thinking: Win more time and orders

Week 2 [Movie Class]

Monday movie “Fight Club” interpretation: To learn reverse thinking, take the initiative to design to lose once on purpose and challenge the limit

Tuesday movie “Hitch” interpretation: To learn how to take the initiative, create opportunities, and design opportunities

Wednesday’s movie “What Women Want” interpretation: To experience the differences between men and women and learn how to put yourself in their shoes

Thursday’s movie “Groundhog Day” interpretation: To learn the path to become an expert, the secrets to get true love

Friday’s movie “Inception” interpretation: To learn to plant idea to other’s brain, prevent being brainwashed, prevent being trapped

Week 3: Turn information to gold

Monday: two-step thinking interpretation – The layout techniques that have been hidden to make big money

Tuesday: visualization thinking interpretation – The technique of engraving images in the customer’s brain

Wednesday: Storytelling interpretation – The technique of playing a movie in the customer’s brain

Thursday: implantation criteria interpretation – Locking the customer’s brain measurement criteria

Friday: Reconstructing Thinking Interpretation – Weapons to Influence, penetrate and change perception

And 100GB+ digital marketing courses from different gurus value $100,000+, including social media courses,email marketing,content marketing, SEO, etc. For examples:

 Video SEO – Beginner & Advanced Youtube Ranking $850

Content Marketing Course $749

Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets $397

Grow Your Blog Fast $2997

Clicks into Customers $997

 Email Prestige $97

And many more…

The above are membership benefits and are only given to the seven-day challenge winners. These information will play a greater role in the hands of the challenge winners.

These are all the rights and benefits of WPG members: if you get these information on site, the total value of the above information is more than $100,000 at the original market price.

The seventh letter of the “Insider’s Code” is: G .

The above are membership benefits and are only given to successful seven-day challenge winners. These information will play a greater role in the hands of the challenge winner, “a good horse with a good saddle, a good car with a good sail” is the truth.

Seven-day challenge winners enjoy a special discount of 60%, just pay $1280 to become a WPG member. Meanwhile, you are free to join my private Telegram, so that your marketing power is like a tiger with wings.

By this point you have uncovered 7 letters, each letter worth $50, 7 letters $350, you just need to spell these 7 letters into a password, $1280 minus $350, only $930 to get the membership. After you place your order, I will modify the price for you in the dashboard.

If you are referred by WPG partners from their recommended e-book,blog or social media posts to wordpresidentgroup.com, please consult the person who recommended you, you can get a place at the “Group buy” price.

Please input “Group buy” to enter the green channel for early access to the membership opportunities! With a referral from a WPG Partner, you can get the membership benefits at the group buy price.

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