1-How to Earn a Million Dollar in a Year?

Look at the following chart for your road to a million dollars:


The Road to a Million Dollars

Of course, the above is only a theoretical calculation, in practice, it is impossible to be measured according to such precise income, but only a rough benchmarking reference.

Let me give you an example to make it clear: no matter what you are doing now, whether you are working or starting your own business, other than that you want to get a part-time job earning $100,000 a year, how can you achieve that using Backwards Mindset/Thinking?

The following example is one of the projects I am testing with a few friends in actual operation. The details are not disclosed for the moment, just to tell you the rough framework: how to achieve the goal of earning $100,000 a year in a spare time?

   See how to break it down by thinking backward.

   1, How to earn $100,000 part-time a year? $100,000 divided by 12 months, a month is 8300 USD, 8300 USD, and then divided by 30 days, every day is 274 USD, let’s say 280 USD.

   In other words, to make $100,000 a year in spare time, all we need now is to make $280 a day. Well, that number looks a lot easier, right?

   2, how can I earn $280 per day?

   The most direct way is selling products. Suppose you sell a product, the profit per order is $300, then, to earn $280, is it just 1 order only?

Let’s be more conservative, let’s say the profit of your product is $150 per order, and then do the math, 2 orders is enough, right?

Now, our goal seems to have changed a little, making an extra 100,000 a year on a part-time basis, into selling 2 products a day, seems much easier, right?

   3, how to sell out 2 products every day?

    If your conversion rate is 1%, then all you need to sell out 2 product is 200 traffic. Now, the problem seems to have changed again, earning $100,000 per year on the side, into getting 200 traffic per day.

   4, how to get 200 traffic per day?

    There are so many ways to get traffic online, such as Google ads, email Marketing, SEO, forums, Facebook,Instagram, Youtube,Twitter, Blog, Podcast, Crowdfunding……

No need to be greedy, proficient in any of the above methods, 200 traffic will not be a problem!

   The sales process is designed to work backwards in terms of results: DEALTRUSTRISK REMOVALINTENT —- CULTIVATIONCURIOSITYCONTACTPROMOTION. Ifall points are coherent in between without obstacles, that’ s a very good sales process!

   How about it? By now, earning $100,000 per year on the side only requires you to get 200 traffic per day. Your daily job is to get these 200 traffic by yourself, or hire someone to do it, just go ahead and do it, and after 12 months, $100,000 is the result that will naturally appear.

The ultimate fulfillment of making an extra $100,000 a year on a part-time basis is to achieve 200 traffic per day, and I believe that everyone has their own way to make it happen. Just to tell you one thing,hard ads and other rape-like promotion methods have stunk up the market, just like eating fatty meat every day, anyone would be disgusted, such traffic is not as good as 1 accurate traffic even if 2000 of them.

I have a copy of “monthly income of $ 10,000 work log table” operated by a micro business team members every day, which is written by several monthly income of 200,000 team guru. If you can strictly follow the “monthly income of $ 10,000 work log table” at the specified time, in accordance with the prescribed action strictly every day, you are guaranteed a monthly income of more than $10,000 without any problems.

If you are working alone, you need to focus more. It is recommended that you buy an eye patch to wear when you lock in the task of having to complete 1000 traffics every day, one is to relieve your eye fatigue, the other is to prevent you from being affected by the outside world, which can make you focus.

Just like horse racing, put on a hood and focus its energy right in front of the track. A racehorse wearing a blindfold can’t see the audience or other horses, it only has eyes on the finish line, it is running for itself.

I have two blindfolds, one with holes and one without. The one with holes allows me to focus on my work longer, and the one without holes allows me to rest and be temporarily isolated from the outside world while thinking more intensely.

This suggestion will make you more productive and protect your eyes and energy.

Go buy an eye mask, you try it and you will know what magical effect it is.

The key is: you have to thoroughly comprehend the million magic formula. In the end, the profit of the product you choose is $100/order, $1000/order, or $10,000/order, you can consider, just do not consider the $10, $1 profit products, the time and effort involved is just same, but the difference in return is huge.

The time and effort you spend to earm $1 and $100 is the same, but the results are 100 times different.

Any work that makes you feel tired and complicated means there is something wrong with your method.

Another application of the breakdown technique is that you should not only quantify the work objectives on paper, but also quantify the behavior and time, give up the concept of the whole block of time, so that each action and behavior are very simple, can be completed in twenty-five minutes, if you cannot finish within twenty-five minutes, then break it down, so that you can complete your target or a step in any period of time. Sometimes you can’t help but insist on “a little while” again.

It is this “twenty-five minutes” and “a moment” that will not leave your plans on hold, whether you are traveling, busy at work, in a good or bad mood, but will allow you to complete the most demanding tasks and have a strong desire to get the job done.

This break-down process starts with a quantification on paper or in the mind.

Goals → targets → steps → behavior ( the behavior that can be accomplished in “one moment”, “twenty-five minutes”)

Then backwards in terms of behavioral quantification.

Behavior ( the behavior that can be done in “one moment”, “twenty-five minutes”) → steps → targets → goals

If the goal is not locked, continue to subdivide until you find a very small point, just like opening a window or a program on a computer, one level at a time, find a focus after positioning, and then do the most productive things.

The essence of work and game is the same, both are to make people happy. Work is the game, enjoy it is everyone’s right, otherwise work becomes a prison sentence. When work becomes a prison sentence, freedom is extra precious, you can only enjoy the freedom and happiness by escaping from prison.

Do the work you like, and you will understand why someone would rather give up his vacation and retirement, because that is where all his fun is. Do whatever you want to do, what you are passionate about! Even if it’s sleeping!

Don’t be stupid enough to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a project, a franchise to tie yourself down and be trapped there 12 hours a day, you’re just buying yourself a job and taking a big risk.

Improve your thinking pattern. If you have ever taken a flight, you know that above the dark clouds is a clear sky.

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