2-Suspense Thinking

What books do you often read in your life? What TV series do you watch? Or what movies do you often watch?

If you are often attracted to a program, have you found a common mysterious factor at work?

This mysterious factor is the key to the role of the TV series

What exactly is the mysterious factor that makes the TV series, the movie so attractive? And makes Wang Gang storytelling column, Baijia Jiangtan Program so hot?

One word: suspense

Suspense to start, to end with suspense.

A reporter once interviewed Ji Lianhai, who talks about history in the Bajia Jiangtan, he talks about history with the skills of the commentary and comedy, with numerous fans. The secret of his success is:

After choosing the topic, write in one-go a written draft of 5,000 words, in the sub-chapter, in addition to logical considerations, the main thing to consider is the setting of the story and suspense, after which it will be changed into an oral draft of about 8,000 words.

The screenwriter of the “100 lecture forum” requires the program production must be like a Hollywood blockbuster, every few minutes to have a suspense. During the program, the suspense must be added at the beginning, with suspense interval, so that the lecture, the article is no longer a straightforward narrative. To seize the doubts in the minds of the audience and readers, set up doubts and suspense in the program layout, and then solve them one by one, so that the lecture and article become like a suspense movie.  The ratings started to increase dramatically.

In the past, the professors came up and told the ending of the story and then analyzed it, which left no audience to watch and no audience to listen.

Suspense is always the selling point of a TV series. When we watch a TV series, the biggest point, the most attractive thing is that the fate of the main character is not known, and the chain of suspense makes you keep watching.

Another example, ratings of “Wang Gang storytelling” are very high.He is using vivid playback of real events to demonstrate with suspense. With the crossover of the event playback and his description, the crossover of suspense and commentary, cuts into the perspective of ordinary people, so that we are unconsciously caught up in the story, as if we are in it.The thinking is constantly answered by reality, and the ending is always intriguing and thought-provoking.

Wang Gang’s storytelling is also a mix of analysis in the vivid real events, constantly interspersed with the suspense of the fate of the characters, and only at the critical moment does the bottom card turn up.

What is suspense? Hitchcock once gave the following example.

Two people walk into a room, sit down to talk, and suddenly a bomb under the table explodes. The audience is shocked, but this tension can only last 15 seconds, the process is “shock”.

On the contrary, if before they walk into the house, the audiences first see a murderer entered the house and hid the bomb under the table, and are sure that the bomb will explode at 1 o’clock, the two people walk into the house but do not find the bomb, still sitting down to talk, unaware of the danger they face.

The clock hanging on the wall shows that it is now 10 minutes to 1 o’clock, but the audience has been in the next 10 minutes of tension and anxiety, then this process is called “suspense”.

The magic of suspense comes from the curiosity gap theory. When we want to know something but can not achieve, it will feel like a very itchy sore, have to scratch. To eliminate this pain, you have to fill the gap.

For example: a boy is pursuing a beautiful girl at school, SMS tons every day, but the girl never replied to him.

If you use the suspense technique the result shows up immediately! Use the cell phone to send a text message to that girl.

“You are one of the three most beautiful girls in our school, but I only like you.”

Half a minute later, the girl replied: Who are the other two, and why do you only like me?

In most cases, the reader is curious not because of what you said in the first paragraph, but often because of what you did not say in the first paragraph.Such as a motive, a theory, a proof, an example, a question mark. To create suspense and mystery, the reader has to read on to find the answer to the “why” in his mind.

The basic techniques of setting up suspense.

1. Set up suspense in the title to make the article compelling.

The title is the advertisement of the advertisement.

A 40-year-old woman is a flower or a bean curd? , “No Poop a Day is more harmful than Smoking Three Packs of Cigarettes” …… The soft advertisement of Brain Platinum is almost always this way, elaborating some events that consumers do not know or have doubts about, leaving consumers with a strong curiosity.

Also the following headlines, for example.

“Men desire to have eight mouths” – the headline of the advertisement of Neptune Golden Bottle.

“One shot to a woman’s heart, guess who’s up to the task” – the headline of a diamond commercial.

Toshiba Washing Machine Can Put Out Fire” – an advertisement for a high-capacity Toshiba washing machine.

These titles have suspense and novelty, and once curious consumers have curiosity, they have the interest to read the article immediately. A small title, just a few words, will grip the reader’s heart, causing all kinds of associations, attracting them to read on, the effect of advertising has been achieved.

2. Set up suspense in the beginning, so that the article is fascinating.

The beginning of everything is difficult, a good beginning is naturally fascinating. According to the needs of the article expression, begin with a question, or set a suspense to attract the reader’s interest in reading, and explain in the following texts, slowly unravel the mystery.

The following are some simple ways to set up suspense at the beginning of an article.

(i) Set a question to lead to the next. To start with a question, you can immediately grab the reader’s heart, stimulate people’s interest and thinking, and play a fascinating effect.

What does my tomorrow look like? When will I achieve financial freedom? I often ask myself this question when I am running between my bed and computer, when I am struggling withthe Internet, and when I could not achieve the expected result with all the efforts.

I often wonder: what is the real secret to making money online? Is it just hard working? No! Is it speculation? No! Is it exploiting loopholes? No, it’s not! So, what is the code to open the door to wealth? And what is my breakthrough point? When I couldn’t figure it out, I came across a book that gradually made my thoughts clear ……

(ii) Start with a flashback to get attention.

Just put the most exciting part of the article at the beginning to set up suspense, which can also stimulate the reader’s interest, add twists and turns to the article and show the beauty of the layout of the article. For example.

(1) Begin by posing an open question.

(2) Begin with an exciting event.

(3) Begin by explaining an object that serves as a clue.

(4) Begin with a scene that triggers the story.

(5) Begin by introducing characters closely related to the storyline.

(6) Begin by showing the ending of the story or character.


My friend Roc is the smartest one, but also the most understated one.He dresses in a very ordinary brand, but his income is the highest in his circle of friends.Just as the saying goes, the real money-makers will not show their income every day. I know Roc must have a secret that I do not know, but he is discreet in speech, never reveal the secret. Until one day, I got Roc drunk, even coaxing and deceiving finally let him talk.Intermittently, he said something about the name of a book “subconscious coding program” ……

Using the flashback technique, put the ending of the whole story at the beginning, so that the reader will be caught in doubt.With doubts, there is a desire to read on eagerly to solve the mystery.

The simplest way, with a series of appetizing questioning, leaves people wanting more, you just need to imitate this technique to perfection.

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