3-Hypnosis Translation Technique

The highest level of sales is to make the other person feel that an idea is his own in his head, even though the idea was instilled in him by you.

The customer’s subconscious mind will believe any idea that comes into it.

What you are doing is planting the mental picture in your client’s brain, which is waking hypnosis. You are the playwright who is literally creating the dream for your prospect.

A common cause of failed advertising and copywriting is self-aggrandizement.

The best seeds in the world (the merchant’s version).

but forgetting to tell the customer why they should buy it.

The best quality lawn in the world (the customer version).

Whenever you revise the content of your writing, you do a hypnotic writing translation in your head, and all that you do is read the words as carefully as if they were in a foreign language.

Every sentence in front of you is a foreign language, the author’s version or the merchant’s version.

All you have to do is turn the author’s version into a reader’s version, meaning that you translate the sentence into the kind of sentence that the reader can understand, is interested in, and has an image of.

For example.

We have been in business for five years (this has nothing to do with the reader, it’s a sentence of the author’s version)

Translate to: We have been in business for five years now, and you will always be satisfied with the service. (Here is the reader’s version, which is relevant to the reader, so that he is interested in reading on)

For example.

I really like to be an online entrepreneur (what does it matter to the reader that you like to be an entrepreneur)

Translated into: I really like to be an online entrepreneur. I am happy to share the experience, so that you will not take a detour to get started quickly.Maybe you will also like the emerging industry of online entrepreneurship.

Do not say: this mattress is very comfortable

Convert to: You will enjoy relaxing your whole body when you lie on this mattress.

Do not say: this house is very cost-effective, very sought-after

Convert it into: once you step into this house, you will feel at home.

This is the hypnotic translation writing technique, because many articles will be centered on the author himself, all you have to do is to center on the reader, get out of the self-consciousness, cater to the reader’s consciousness, to start with what they are interested in, and talk to their interests.

Secret: All kinds of articles online can be rewritten, you can rewrite dozens of articles a day, and then forwarded to major forums, you can see that your products sell faster than Google Ads.

How to fully exploit the latent value of the product?

By adding “So what?” to each of the product’s original function and feature descriptions.

The resulting sentence is a description of the value of the benefits to customers.

Then ask the same question over and over again, so what?

Until you can’t think of anything else, select the most compelling descriptions and don’t forget to add the magic word “you” whenever you can.

For example.

Cable TV features multiple channel options, so what?

It can be easy to use, so what?

You can watch a lot of channels to avoid arguments when you go out, so what?

You can tidy your room while watching TV, so what?

You can save money on hiring a babysitter, etc.

The most crucial point about hypnotic translation writing is that the core keyword in the final reader’s, buyer’s or customer’s version, is “you”.

Your copy, sales letter, advertisement, article must have the word “you” in it, and the number of “you” must be dozens and dozens of times greater than the number of “I”.

In any language, except for a person’s name, the word “you”  is the most powerful single word.

The following are some of the most important single words that need to be reacquainted with you.

You, when you, you are, you can, you think, you feel, you feel, you see, you hear, you realize, you will find, you will know, you will understand, you like more and more, you feel more and more, you are unaware, you have done, you are happy, you imagine, you think carefully, you ponder, you experience, you will become.

Because people are still most interested in their own needs.

I know it sounds and feels sad, but it’s just the truth, your readers don’t really care about you.

Even if you’ve been constantly providing your value or helping him solve a problem. The last person they will care about is themselves.

When you start writing from an “altruistic” perspective, they will start to care about you.

The easiest way to do this is to reduce the use of the words “I” and “my” and “you guys”.

Remember to check how many times “I” and “my” and “you guys” appear in your article after you finish writing it.

Are you done? Yes! Now change it to “you” immediately (so your reader knows you’re talking to him)

This way the client will conclude after a few seconds of reading that this was written specifically for him/her and that this is exactly what she/he is looking for.

Try it and you will find amazing results.

Most Internet articles are collected and copied from each other,its boring while reading. So you must learn the technique of adaptation and hypnotic writing. The best way is to adapt across-over, which will make customers feel curious, novel, shocking and generate expectations! The Crossover Adaptation Technique will be demonstrated to you in detail in the future.

The truth you need to know is that no matter what you are selling, a certain percentage of people will buy, or not buy your product.

5% of the people who are likely to buy no matter what you offer

5% are unlikely to buy no matter what you offer.

90% of people don’t know what they want or they think they do.

You have a large market, and facing these 90% of people, you don’t have to waste time and effort with your words, your job is to hypnotize them and create desire and demand.

Customers are lured over, do not ever bother to sell to them, that will only degrade yourself …… What you have to do is to show the product, let others know, and then let the customers themselves be desired to come over and buy themselves!

The “Hook-up Writing Technique”, “Idea Planting Technique”, “Language Visualization Technique”, “Locking the Brain, Setting the Criteria”, “Reframing Technique” can help you easily handle this 90% of the population, which is a huge potential market waiting for you to develop.

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