Challenge Rules.

Challenge rules: Learn a technique every day, visit every day, enter only one number, the first day enter 1, the second day enter the number 2, and so on until the seventh day enter the number 7, is it not very simple?

Remember: to win the challenge, you can only enter one number per day!

Do only learn one technique per day during the 7 days, and the challenge is supposed successful.

If you can’t resist the temptation to respond to more than one number in a day that means the challenge fails.

Each article has a hidden letter of the “Insider’s Code”, each letter is worth $50, waiting for you to discover.

You can only learn one technique per day, and the winner will receive a superb prize! The value is immeasurable!

What I share with you below are an experiment and a law, or maybe you’ve seen or heard it before, but I’m going to show it to you again today because it’s closely related to your challenge and to whether you can earn several times more than you do now in the future.

Candy experiment: In 1960, Stanford University psychologist Watt-Migar took some 4-year-old children to a modestly furnished house, and then gave them each a very tasty candy, while telling them that if they immediately eat candy can only eat 1; if eaten after 20 minutes, they will be rewarded 1 candy, that is, a total of two candy.

Experimental process: Some children were impatient and ate the candy immediately. Some children were able to wait patiently and did not eat the candy for a while. They closed their eyes without looking at the candy in order to make themselves patient, or put their heads on their arms and talked to themselves …… As a result, these children finally got two pieces of candy.

Conclusion: After the experiment, the researchers conducted a 14-year-long follow-up. The children who participated in this experiment were followed until they graduated from high school continuously. The results of the follow-up study showed that

Those children who could wait and finally get two candies, in adolescence, can still wait for opportunities without rushing. They have an ability to temporarily give up immediate benefits for the sake of larger and more long-term goals, that is, self-control.

And those children who can’t wait to eat only 1 candy, in adolescence, show more stubbornness, vanity, or indecisiveness. When the desire arises, they can’t control themselves and must satisfy the desire immediately, otherwise, they can’t quietly continue to do the things afterward.

In other words, the success rate of those children who can wait is much higher than those who cannot wait.

In delayed gratification, children learn to expect, appreciate, cherish, exercise restraint, resist temptation, and experience the joy of success and happiness in life. The second phase of this experiment was followed for another 21 years, and the annual earnings of children who delayed gratification and ended up with two pieces of candy were several times and more than a dozen times higher as adults than those who couldn’t wait and get only one piece of candy.

The 20 Mile March

This law was introduced by Jim Collins, an American. This law is: from San Diego on the west coast of the United States to a certain place there are 3,000 miles, hiking through the journey takes a very long time, the landscape is very complex, and will often encounter weather changes. How many miles per day should be walked to be a suitable speed?

You can’t guess the answer, and many people’s answers are incorrect.

The answer is 20 miles per day or 32 kilometers. Many people will be surprised by this answer, because people who have just embarked on a journey with great physical strength and energy, can walk 40 miles to 50 miles if the weather is fine and the terrain is flat. However, people who start walking at such a speed are often not the first to reach the end and are finally overtaken by those who insist on walking 20 miles, haste makes waste.

The reason to re-read this Candy Experiment and the 20 Mile March for you is that it’s the difference between a master and a newbie, and even though you are familiar with this, I won’t be tired of presenting it once again.

The most important phrase I’ve ever learned: less is more, and slow is fast!

Why you can’t land after learning so many courses? Because learning too much, you will be mixed up and your mind is stuffed. If they can not be applied, it is useless!

Only one truly practical way to gain growth and progress: is, to work on it slowly and steadily, it will come out faster!

No matter for what reason you come to our website, you are at the right place, because what I offer you is the information you can’t see in other places. This information will produce a very impressive power in the hands of certain people. You may have been ignorant and did not earn money, but this information can make you a hit in making money.

Whether it can produce magical results, only you will witness!

You personally experience, personal practice, these top information will become your nuclear weapons!

Do not believe in those authorities, do not believe in those gurus, do not believe in those so-called superior people, and you do not have to believe in me, just believe in yourself on the line.

When you are hungry and thirsty, no one can eat and drink instead of you, you must eat and drink yourself.

When you urinate and defecate, you must do it yourself, masters, experts, and gurus can not help you at all.

Similarly, no one can carry you on their shoulders to make money online except yourself.

Completing this challenge with one technique per day is like watching 7 episodes of a soap opera, just that only one episode per day can be played for your own watching. Remember step by step, you will have 10 times the power of the information provided to you in your hands, and your income will definitely double this year! No doubt about it!

Challenge rules: Learn only one technique trick per day, and you’ll win after 7 days.

What prizes can you get if you win? Absolutely great value, and by Day 7 you’ll know what you can win and what you can lose.

The process is very simple, visit every day and input only one number in the chatbox, input 1 on the first day, enter the number 2 on the second day, and so on until you input the number 7 on the seventh day, is it not very simple? But remember: to win the challenge, you can only input one number per day!

Ready? Now input “1” in the chatbox for the first day’s challenge!

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